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A complete UX/UI process for Three.ie IOS Application

App Review and Problem Identification

Three.ie Application Process Flow Chart
Comprehensive process of the entire app and its functions
Heuristic Evaluation

Research Methods

Quantitative Method: Questionnaire
Primary demographics
Phone and Network Usage
Qualitative Method: Interviews
Interview Video Recordings

Card Sorting

Below are some of the card sorting activities of participants based on their usability.
Placement of the app functions and its features after analysing the card sorting activity:



Fiona's Scenario

Driving to the airport

It’s a typical Monday morning for Fiona, she has planned it to be a long day ahead of her. She just dropped her two kids to school and now on her way to the airport. Fiona has a meeting in London at 2pm and has a scheduled return flight to Dublin for 10:30pm.

At the Airport

Even with heavy traffic on M50 Fiona has made just on time to be checked in for her flight. She is now at boarding area and waiting to be board. Fiona gets a quick call from her husband John, checking if she OK and has her check-in and security done. After a quick talk Fiona hangs up the phone and same time she hears the boarding call for her flight.

Buying add-ons for her trip

As Fiona is in a queue for getting into the plan she remembers she needs to buy international calls and data roaming for her trip so she can be in touch with her family and use the data for office emails and social connections.

At London Heathrow

She lands on London airport, goes out of the airport and turns her iPhone 7 plus on. Straight away she gets a notification from 3.ie welcoming to London and stating that she is now on Roaming and can use data while she is abroad. She sees there is a status icon on her phone now which shows how much data she is using while in roaming.

Checking her schedule and emails while on the way to Hotel

Fiona is outside of the airport and there is no taxi around. She has no time waiting for taxi so she picks her phone and books a taxi via Uber. In 2 minuets, she is Taxi and on her way to Hotel. Fiona gets a message from her colleague on some changes on the presentation which he sent her on her office email. Fiona opens the email and downloaded the updated presentations she received. Due to the size of the presentation she sees a notification from 3.ie stating she has used 40MB in downloads.

Fiona calls her husband with her international call plan to say she has reached and will call him again after the presentation in late afternoon. She also calls the office to her colleague confirming the receipt of updated presentations. Once She hangs up the phone Fiona get a notification from 3.ie stating she has used 20 minuets of internationals calls from her add-on and she still has 80 minutes remaining.

After Presentation

Fiona has finished her working day and now in her room relaxing. She is now preparing herself for going home however she still has some time left with her, so she decided to call her family and contacted few friends on social media. She is happy with the whole day and can’t wait to go back and have a nice relaxing bath.

At Dublin Airport

Fiona lands on Dublin airport on time and straight away she gets a welcome back message from 3.ie with status of her account information with balance international call minutes and data roaming usage and expiry date. She is happy to see the overview and to be able to use this service without living in fear to get high bills on abroad trips. As Fiona was walking out to the arrival gate she finds her husband waiting for her on airport arrival gate. This was a nice surprise for her and she couldn’t ask for more. On the way back to home Fiona mentioned her husband how good 3.ie services are and how she was informed timed to time on her usage and remaining status.

Graphical interpretation of Fiona’s scenario:


Thomas's Scenario

At home

Thomas is sitting at home and he gets a call from his friend. Thomas talks to his friend and hangs up the phone.

Low balance notification

Phone beeps, he checks. It’s a low balance message form Three.ie. He tries to top-up though My3 app which has his student credit card saved for transactions.

Card Declined

His top-up attempted is declined by the bank as there is no money in credit card. He is upset but remembers that he might have some money left from his work tips. He found €10 and decided to buy a top-up voucher from the shop.

Top-up by voucher scan

Thomas buys €10 top-up voucher from the near shop and tops up his balance via voucher scanner.

He checks My3 app

His balance is topped up and Thomas is happy.

Graphic interpretation of Thomas scenario:


Lucy’s Scenario

Lucy is 70 years old and is on a €25 monthly bill pay plan.Her sight fails her and she is more comfortable with big screens, fonts and buttons.Her hands also can’t deal with small links and keyboards.

Bill notification

It’s the end of the month and Lucy receives a bill notification from My3 app.She could set automatic debit to pay for the bill, but she doesn’t feel comfortable having money go out of her account without her knowing.

Pays bill

The bill is due in 7 days, she pays for it straight away from the app.

Friend in Portugal

Lucy remembers that needs to call her friend Laura in Portugal, so she wonders if it’s possible to make international calls and how much it would cost.

Calls support

She calls support and they explain all about add-ons and charges.

Buys add-on

She buys international calls add-on and notices that a new bar shows on her home screen. She has 30 min to spend.

Calls friend in Portugal

Lucy reaches Laura in Portugal and spends 29 mins telling her all about John, the lovely boy from Galway at Three support who helped her earlier today.

Credit left

After call 12 min left. The credit will last for a month so, she can call her again another time.


Graphic interpretation of Lucy’s scenario:


Design, Prototype & Iterations

My3 ios application screens

First Iteration:

Second Iteration:

Third Iteration:

Fourth Iteration:

Final Iteration:

Final scenario based video with live app use

Heuristic evaluation on new app design

Data Visualisation for other users

Next phase of design and iterations for more improvements…..